JAM (Jesus and Me) is a 6-week urban day camp located in Brenham, TX for kids in kindergarten through 6th grade. These students experience the Gospel, Education, and FUN through big group time (music, games, and bible lessons), small group time, STEP competitions, field trips, summer learning, and more! This is a diverse, community-supported, Christ-based program that has existed in Brenham for 25 years. JAM is held in one of the local elementary schools and partners with Brenham ISD to provide students with both educational and spiritual growth. It is truly a unique program that has impacted thousands of students since it began in 2000. JAM is a community supported ministry funded by donations from all over Washington County.

What will financial donations go towards?

Our main costs include paying for MC (Missionary Counselor) stipends, MC housing, Pro-J (Protege) stipends, t-shirts for staff and students, educational materials, field trips, snacks, rewards, and End-of-Summer Celebrations.

For more information, click on the FAQ link below or email us at admin@brenhamnext.org for more details!